I am ever so grateful for the lovely people that have given my precious Shih Tzu s a wonderful, forever home. If you would like to give an honest testimonial so my future puppies can find their forever home with ease, please do so. We all thank you!

“When we were first interested in purchasing a husky, we contacted many breeders, however, Lilliana was the first to respond and with such great detail and courtesy.That’s when we knew she was a responsible and dedicated breeder that took her occupation very seriously. Throughout the process, she answered all of our questions ( and we had many, since it was our first time with the breed) and gave in-depth responses that assured us of any doubt. She was very flexible and patient with us, for we ended up switching from our first choice to another puppy since we were very unsure of what we were exactly looking for. She was very polite and provided us with pictures and videos of our little one almost every week so we could check on him. When we received our puppy, we were astonished at his flawless conditions and we knew that we had just received a top quality Husky. Almost two years later, we couldn’t resist in buying a companion for Brozki ( our first husky) and without any second thoughts, we contacted Altas Palmas Ranch again.The litter was stunning and we quickly asked about a copper red female. Within a couple hours, Lilly had contacted us back and gave us a descriptive detailed paragraph on our desired puppy. Again, she answered all our questions and took time off her schedule to provide us with information about our dog. She finds a way to professionally assist you and yet makes you feel like a typical friend, which is very soothing. Brozki and Sahara Penelope(our second puppy) are now inseparable and its all thank to Lilliana and Altas Palmas Ranch! Thank you for giving us two long-lasting joys in our lives!”

The Rebollar family, Texas

“He’s definitely a momma’s boy and everyone can tell how much he loves me. He keeps us entertained so much. He’s just silly and super smart. So far he’s learned to speak, lay and sit on command. He’s doing great!”

The Welborn family, Texas

“Teddy is a bundle of joy and brightens our day!”

Ray and Alicia C., Texas
“Pip was a big hit with the family and he was an absolute angel his first night! We are all already in love! The boys loved that Pip woke them up for school with kisses! Thank you so much!”

“Hi! Just thought you’d like to know, Pip is doing great!!! He is just the sweetest little dog. We all love him so much. He is very smart!”

Melanie F., Texas
“I would like to thank you for your help with my daughter Noreen and the adoption of one of your red Siberian Husky puppies!  We are so excited and happy to get this beautiful new addition to our family! Not only am I getting a new baby, but so is my little Noreen! Thank you again and you have made my Noreen so very happy with this new puppy!”

Loretta H., Texas

“I want to say thanks again and let you know I’m extremely excited and can’t wait to get my fluffy baby. He’s perfect!”

Noreen H., Texas

“Nuestra experiencia con Kin ha sido fantástica es hermoso y tiene un carácter excepcional. Es muy juguetón con los niños y al mismo tiempo disfruta mucho estar tranquilamente acompañándonos todo el tiempo. También se adapto bien a Rouge nuestro otro shithtzu.”

Elizabeth G., Mexico

“I was looking on the internet for a couple of months for a Shih Tzu puppy that would be perfect for my family. By accident I came across the APR website and I am sure glad I did. From the first conversation I had with Lilliana, I knew she was a good person and I know she is. She has been very helpful and has answered all my questions. She is awesome to work with and has made me feel very comfortable. She also made everything easy for me to understand; her website is very nice and organized. When I went to the “Available Puppies”, I found the perfect puppy. He is a little boy from Iroh and Korra’s litter. He was perfect; I fell in love and knew I had to have him! Much to my surprise, a week later Zuko and Tai Li had their litter and I saw that they had a beautiful baby girl. Again I fell in love and I had to have her. I had always wanted a pair, so my family and I were blessed with two little blessings instead of one! I love the way Lilliana kept me updated every week with both of my puppy’s progress and what they were doing along the way. I got to see them grow as if they were with me the whole 8 weeks! Thank you, Lilliana for all of your help. It has been a pleasure working with you. I highly recommend you as a breeder and your wonderful website to anyone who is looking for a special little furry blessing to bring into their home.”

Monica C., Texas

“I found APR and Lilly after searching for months for a beautiful Liver Female to add to my Breeding Program here in Arizona. My Iced Mocha HerShe Kiss is the answer to my many prayers and such a beautiful girl from Iroh and Tai Li, I can’t say enough positive things about this little ball of fur. She is such a delight and working with Lilly was seamless and fun. She answered all my questions and was there for me from day 1. She drove from her home to meet me at the airport so I could fly home with her in the cabin rather than have her shipped, as that was a worry for me, and I felt more than generous on her part. We have become friends and always will be, she is a wonderful breeder and person; she loves her dogs and I highly recommend her!”

Ali B., Bells AZ Shih Tzu, Arizona

“Since the first day I contacted Lilliana Palomo about purchasing a Shih Tzu she was very helpful and answered all my questions promptly and in grave detail. She had all the answers to the questions I asked and never failed to respond. When I went to meet the parents of my Dexter, I got to see how much of a great pet owner she is. She loves her dogs just as much as they love her. I think it’s wonderful that she isn’t just a breeder, she’s actually a great owner and doesn’t just cage her dogs and use them for breeding; she actually loves and spoils them. Her puppies are just beautiful. When I first saw my Dexter, I fell in love right away. He had a shy demeanor and just pulled me right in. He is an amazing listener and very intelligent. He was the perfect match and I’m so glad Lilliana gave me the opportunity to bring this little man into my life. I’m grateful and recommend Altas Palmas Ranch to anyone looking for a great quality Shih Tzu and great service.”

Stephanie C., Texas